Just a few of our study species.

Focal Species

Criteria for selecting focal species.

Western North America hosts an astonishing variety of flowering plants (probably more than 8,000 species!). Unfortunately, most of them are too rare to show up in photographs that people upload to social media. BloomFinder is tracking the blooms of plant species that meet a few criteria:

  1. They are native to Western North America.
  2. They inhabit subalpine and alpine meadow ecosystems. Desert plants need not apply.
  3. They are common enough to have been recorded in at least three of our 38 field sites.
  4. They have flowers that are large enough to recognize in a photograph taken at least 5 feet away.

Species list

Here is our preliminary species list as of December 2017. We will probably drop a few species where we can’t find enough observations, and we might add a few along the way.